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When my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer in the fall of 2012, both of our lives drastically changed. Plans, hopes and dreams were sidelined by the day-to-day reality of cancer treatment.

I want you to understand that I would not change the time that Mom and I spent together, she absolutely taught me a new definition of courage and grace. I learned so much about her and about myself during that time. (I intend to write more about those lessons at a later date.)

Then came 2015..... The hardest year of my life. Ever.

On January 31st, my precious Mother lost her battle. I can't even begin to describe those feelings. (Again, more about grief and God's grace at a later date.) On the bright and shiny morning of May 5th I was involved in a terrible car accident, to this day I have no idea how I survived. Finally, in November and December I had 3 different procedures done on my feet that had me flat of my back for about 3 months and an inability to return to a job I had fallen in love with.

Okay..... Well then what to do??? I went and applied for a job with the Pierre Police Department as a police dispatcher. I had done this work in my early 20's and was pretty good at it and really enjoyed it at the time. Lo and behold, they hired me!!! Time to start all over, again! I went through 911 school and OTJ Training and did okay. Police dispatchers are heroes. Don't ever doubt it for a minute. Theirs is a thankless job. They are the first ones you call when your world falls apart. They make sure you get the help you need in a timely and professional manner. They look after their law enforcement family with a bloody passion. The staff I worked with at Central South Dakota Communications is the best in the business.


But, about 6 weeks ago I dialed into the fact that I was miserable. Why? I didn't want to deal with other people’s worst days anymore, I didn't want to work overnight shifts at age 50 and all I wanted to do was take photos.


So.... I did this crazy thing. I decided to go ahead and be a photographer. I gave notice and walked away from my job. I leased a studio, I have my cameras and my studio equipment and I am open for business. The website for Michelle Maupin Barrett Photography is complete. It’s a bit bare right now but I’ll be adding lots of beautiful photographs over the coming weeks and months.


Now every morning I get to wake up and chase my dream, a dream that I have had since I was 9 years old.


Stay tuned.

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